Customs Brokerage

Here at North Star Container, we understand how important the customs clearance process is regarding your product. We also understand how important it is to importers that they work with knowledgeable and experienced entry writers to ensure you are adhering to customs compliance and that your entries are being filed within all U.S. Customs Regulations. This is why we offer a Comprehensive, nationwide customs clearance service, including other government agency clearances, by well-versed and expert customs brokers and entry writers.

We Can Offer:

  • Customs Pre-File Clearance
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF)
  • Border Crossing Entries
  • Clearance for Carnet, TIB, Warehouse, FTZ
  • FDA Clearance
  • FDA Prior Notification
  • ISF Filing
  • Customs Bonds
  • Customs Ruling Requests
  • IT, TE, IE (CF7512)
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For more information on North Star Container’s Customs Clearances services, please contact us