Air Cargo

As part of the operations that started here at North Star Container in 2007, air cargo operations was a service we felt we needed to offer. Our operations staff is very well-versed in Air Cargo. We again offer the air service with the same personal touch you would expect from North Star Container’s experienced employees.

North Star Container is a registered IAC (Indirect Air Carrier) practicing compliant cargo movement.

Import and Export Worldwide including domestic shipments in the United States.

Knowledge & Expertise with Personal Customer Service

We understand that airfreight is a premium and costly service. We ensure we are providing the best cost with solutions that focus on quick transit and constant communication.

Knowing the Air industry is typically used as an expedited service and timeliness is of the essence with air freight, North Star Container has invested in its employees to ensure they have been trained and have the necessary experience to manage your air import shipments with the timeliness and precision needed for air freight. We take pride in combining this knowledge and experience with an abundance of personal customer service. You will be assigned a dedicated account representative that will oversee your entire logistics portfolio.

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